Brenda is the grand daughter of Chris' girlfriends, Ashleigh, She's voice by Emily Osment.


In "The Boys in the Band", Chris had an overly long cutaway gag, where he remembered that time, he had a job as "The guy rushing to the airport at the end of a movie". The cutaway featured Chris, rushing through the city of New York, trying to get to his girlfriend, "Ashleigh", before her flight to Stuffy New England College left. Chris made it to the airport just in time to see a beautiful teenage girl his age, seconds away from boarding her plane. Naturally, the audience is led to believe this is his girlfriend, Ashleigh. However, as flattered as this girl is, to see Chris, she tells him to wait, while she gets her grandma. The girl comes out, taking a disgusting old woman with her and addresses her as Ashleigh, while Ashleigh refers back to her by the stereotypical old lady name, "Brenda". This disturbingly reveals to the audience, that Chris' girlfriend is actually a crusty old hag. Chris and Ashleigh make out, in front of everybody, and the rest of the airport is insanely disgusted. One guy tells Brenda that he thought she was Chris' girlfriend, and Brenda tells him that she already has a boyfriend. Brenda's boyfriend is revealed to be a baby in his stroller, and Brenda makes out with him.

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