Brandy is an Alexa that The Griffin Family got in "Switch the Flip". Since then, she has become a recurring character on the show, sitting on a table in the living room, sort of making her an unofficial member of The Griffin Family.


Brandy makes her first appearance in "Money Bot Me Love", when Peter buys an Alexa and named it Brandy. The Griffins have fun asking it stupid questions and making it say funny things. Brian criticizes them for "being too dependent on machines", but later starts to like Brandy and even falls in love with her.

On their many dates, Brian used Brandy to order a bunch of pointless crap online. He went way over his credit limit and all of his things got repossessed. Peter did not like how Brian abused Brandy like that and took her into his room and locker her in there, so Brian couldn't get to her anymore.

In "Cash Meg Ousside", Brandy was on the table in the living room, and she made some comments here and there, getting involved with the family.

In "HttPete", Brandy projected a hologram of Parker Stanton into the living room.

In "Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas", Chris helped decorate for Christmas, by sticking a needle in her head and lighting it on fire, to make her look like a candle. This melted the top of Brandy and caused her great pain.

In "The Quagmire Housefire", Quagmire had sex with Brandy, while living in The Griffin House.

In "Con Heiress", Stewie disguised himself as an aristocrat, but because he didn't have a top hat, he just slapped Brandy on a black circle to make it look like one. Brian activated her, by saying her name, nearly blowing Stewie's cover. Here, however, he addressed her as "Alexa" for some reason.

In "Family Guy Through the Years", The Griffin Family somehow managed to have a Brandy in the 1950's.

Episode Appearances

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