Bonnie Sawnson
Bonnie White
Full name

Bonald Swanson


38 (debut)
46 (as of "The Heartbreak Dog")

Voiced by

Jennifer Tilly

Bonald "Bonnie" Swanson (née White) is the wife of Joe Swanson and the mother of Kevin and Susie Swanson. Bonnie was pregnant for the first 122 episodes of Family Guy, but in the 123rd episode, Ocean's Three and a Half, she gave birth to Susie and would no longer be pregnant for the rest of the series.


Bonnie Swanson is a woman with light olive skin and wavy dark black hair. Her hair was auburn in her first episode appearance, "A Hero Sits Next Door". Also, starting with that episode and ending with "Ocean's Three and a Half", Bonnie was pregnant with Susie Swanson, giving her a slightly fat belly. After giving birth to her, however, she quickly lost the baby weight and became fairly thin. She wears a purple dress, pink pear earrings, pink lipstick of the same color, and dark purple shoes. She talks in a high-pitch but also hotly calm voice, that makes her sound like she has nasal congestion.


Bonnie is a calm lady with a lot of repressed emotions. Deep down, she is a wild and crazy party animal who just wants to get drunk and have sex. However, since she has to raise her crippled husband, who is bound to his wheelchair, she can't do any of that and has to be a calm, decent, regular average lady.


Joe SwansonEdit

Bonnie and Joe are husband and wife. When they first got married, the two of them were just as crazy and adventurous as each other. They were energetic and they exercised all the time, going hiking, climbing mountains, cross country dirt biking. You'd never hear the end of it. They were crazy nymphomaniacs too, having sex with each other many times every single day. However, one day, Joe got crippled and he could no longer move around anymore. This was way after Bonnie had married Joe and so she had to put up with him being this way. In the episode Believe it or Not ... Joe's Walking on Air, Bonnie said that she was okay with spending the rest of her life that way. However, way later in the series, starting somewhere around Season 13, Bonnie started to hate Joe. She started to hate him so much, that she made multiple attempts to kill him and had been undeniably proven to cheat on him many times.

Kevin SwansonEdit

Bonnie is the mother of Kevin. She just mothers him around and stuff. She sent him off to the military and expects him to be a tough guy. Though it's usually his dad that wants that, she just kind of sits on her ass and allows it.

Susie SwansonEdit

Bonnie is the mother of Susie. She loves Susie and cares for her like a baby. She enjoys breast feeding her, carrying her, playing with her and taking her to preschool. Like how Lois is oblivious to Stewie's talking, she is oblivious to Susie's Patrick Stewart voice in her head.

Lois GriffinEdit

Bonnie and Lois are best friends. The two of them have stayed together through thick and thin, and she's the closest thing that Lois has to an official friend. Bonnie isn't official, because she debuted in the episode A Hero Sits Nextdoor, but her only other friends were Loretta, who was hated and she died, Donna, who didn't join her friend circle until The Cleveland Show got cancelled, and Kimi, who didn't appear until waaaaaay off in the episode Take My Wife. So, she's been friends with Bonnie for the longest time.

Chris GriffinEdit

In later seasons of the show, Bonnie started to develop a crush on Chris. She had officially become an ephebophile and she perfered Chris over Joe. Chris throught that Bonnie was hot, just like all teenage boys do, and Bonnie saw this as an opportunity for them to be together forever. However, at no point, would she ever have the ability to admit her love for him and officially start a relationship. Not unless she killed Joe. This is one of the things that started her on her quest for killing Joe.

Donna Tubbs-BrownEdit

Bonnie is friends with Donna

Kimi QuagmireEdit

Bonnie is friends with Kimi.

Meg GriffinEdit

In "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair", Bonnie trusted Meg with babysitting Joe, while she was on vacation.

Brian GriffinEdit

In "The Heartbreak Dog", Bonnie and Brian fell in love and ran away. They did not get along and they eventually broke up.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • In "Love Thy Trophy", Lois calls Bonnie "Debbie" after Joe and Cleveland stall the foster parents. Alex Borstein reported she had slipped up when giving the reading and no one noticed. On the UK release date of Family Guy Season 1, the description for "A Hero Sits Next Door", coincidentally makes the same mistake in mentioning Bonnie's name as Debbie.
  • Also in "Love Thy Trophy", Bonnie is shown to become sexually excited while watching her husband lie to strangers.
  • In "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair", it is hinted that Bonnie smuggled cocaine for a man named Ricardo. In the same episode, Bonnie states she'll be back because she really needs to keep getting voiceover checks in order to support her gambling habit, referring to Jennifer Tilly's side career of professional poker.
  • In "And Then There Were Fewer", it was revealed that James Woods punched Bonnie in the throat because she sounds the way she does.
  • Bonnie appears in the special opening of "Valentine's Day in Quahog". She also has a very brief appearance in the uncensored version of "Turban Cowboy" as the guys line up at the airport to make their first skydiving jump.
  • Peter notes that he can see into Bonnie's window from Stewie's room in "Grimm Job", although Stewie picks Lois over Bonnie.
  • At Bonnie's 46th birthday party in "The Heartbreak Dog", she confuses Brian's approach for Joe. When he calls out her name, she reminds "Joe" that he can call her "Bonald" in private, leaving Brian to wonder if that is her real name.
  • Her maiden name is "White". This makes her and Cleveland the two people on Spooner Street, whose maiden names are colors. It's also a hidden racist joke because Bonnie is Caucasian (white) and Cleveland is African-American (black or more archaically, brown). Bonnie's last name being White could also be a play on Betty White from The Golden Girls. This is a good connection, because Bonnie starred as the secondary character on The Quahog Girls and went under her maiden name in this series. Betty was also the secondary character on the parodied show, who went under her maiden name. Bonnie is in fact, in the role of Betty in this series, so this connection is absolutely perfect.