• Locknloaded23

    Im new

    June 1, 2019 by Locknloaded23

    Hi im new

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  • Imperator Andronicus

    Bionic Guy

    December 8, 2018 by Imperator Andronicus

    It is June 2015. A clan of shapeshifter supervillains have ransacked Centium City. They are opn a mission to hunt down the world's superheroes and anhilihate them. The Elite Force, a team of teenagesuperheroes and bionic superhumans, have gone missing. Davenport Industries, sponsor of the bionic team, as been attacked from within. Infant scientist and anti-hero Stewart Griffin, local of Rhode Island, must decide to either continuer his plans for world domination or become the superhero world's only hope

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  • GrishamAnimationStudios102

    I've created this page of a crossover episode also starring the Animaniacs.

    • Animaniacs Guy

    Care to help out on the page like adding the plot, quotes, and trivia? :)

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