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Bill Clinton (Born August 19, 2000 is a man who loves being nude. He’s also known for being the 42nd president of the United States.


In "Death Has a Shadow", Bill Clinton gets drunk and gives Peter a faulty welfare check.

In "Da Boom", Y-2K destroyed the world and Bill Clinton seized the opportunity to grab his wife's boobs.

In "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire", a cutaway gag featured Quagmire playing the role of Bill Clinton, shamefully admitting to having sex with Loretta. This is a reference to how Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky and apologized for it.

In "You May Now Kiss the Uh ... Guy Who Receives", Bill Clinton walked out of his house, ass naked and singing "This is One Fine Day to be Nude". Chris came up to him and pelted him with eggs and called him a "liberal pansy".

Bill Clinton has a major plot role in "Bill & Peter's Bogus Journey", where he becomes best friends with Peter and they spend lots of time fucking around and pulling pranks on each other. This all ended when Bill Clinton seduced and had sex with Lois. When Peter gets mad at him for it, Bill Clinton convinces Peter to stop being mad at him by having sex with him too.

In "Lois Kills Stewie", there was a bunch of pictures of presidents on the wall of the White House. One of them was a nude of Bill Clinton.

In "Excellence in Broadcasting", a naked Bill Clinton was seen sexually whipping a woman in the backdrop of the USSR flag during the song "Republican Town".

In "Halloween on Spooner Street", Bill Clinton showed up at a high school Halloween party and had sex with an underage girl, under the guise that he was a boy her age who was just dressed like Bill Clinton. While they had sex in the closet, Bill's security guards stood outside the door, blocking people from entering.

In "He's Bla-ack!", a comedian tried to a joke about Bill Clinton but was interrupted by an annoying guy in the audience. All he was able to say was "When Clinton was in the office, all you needed to vote was a roll of duct tape and a piece of paper that said-" before getting cut off.

In "Trump Guy", Bill Clinton's nude portrait from before was shown again, while Peter and Trump were fighting in the hallway.

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