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Big Mouth is a Netflix original about bunch of middle schoolers starting to go through puberty and dealing with the absolute worst parts of masturbation, boners, periods, growing boobs, discovering boobs, wet dreams, ejaculation, getting pubic hair, and questioning their own sexuality in ways that are so shockingly disgusting and obscene, that they can't be shown on network television, meaning that Netflix is their only channel to live on.


The trailer for Big Mouth was first released on Netflix's YouTube account on September 12, 2017 and immediately raked in 20,000 dislikes and a swarm of negative comments from people, outraged, revolted, and sorely unamused by the show's disgusting content, inappropriate premise, shitty animation, Family Guy-style humor, and excessive use of child pornography. Soccer moms, Catholic churches, and Chris Hansen boycotted the show for it's inclusion of children in it's pornographic content but it wasn't just the prudes who didn't like this. Everyone with a brain saw that this show was a bag of shit that was doomed for failure and public shame.

Despite the show's massive hate wave, garnered by it's commercials, the release of the show on September 29, 2017, saw Big Mouth surprisingly gaining a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, outranking such critically-acclaimed shows as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

As soon as it released to surprising critical acclaim, Big Mouth obtained a strong and dedicated fanbase from teens and adults, alike, with teenagers relating to the characters and the situations they got into and adults finding the show equally as relatable, when remembering how their lives were, when they were teenagers.

Even after the series stopped being hated by critics and casual viewers, it's first season alone, still immediately became the subject of massive controversy, among soccer moms and members of The Church of Exasperated Prudes, who considered the show to be child pornography, due to it very heavily centering around children doing sexual things, that are in no way, shape, or form acceptable under any conditions and many have even boycotted the show to be taken off the air. However, fans of the show argue that there's a difference between "pornography" and "nudity" and that the show's plot calls for visual content like that, makes it acceptable to show what they're showing. The creators of the show, themselves have even included a tongue-in-cheek fourth wall break in the Season 1 finale, suggesting that because the show is animated and doesn't feature real child actors, there should be no problem with depicting "children" getting into adult situations, as these so-called "children" do not actually exist. It should be noted that the four main characters of the show are all self-inserts of the showrunners, as this show is based off of their lives.

Big Mouth's ratings in Season 1, as well as it's massive publicity, (both good and bad) all helped to get the show a much-warranted second season, which aired on October 5, 2018.

Season 2's ratings on it's first week alone, were overwhelmingly high, so much so, that the show quickly got renewed for not one but three more seasons.

Season 3 of Big Mouth officially premiered on October 4, 2019. The ratings were good enough for Netflix to order another season, on top of the two still yet-to-be-aired seasons they already ordered last year.

Also, they announced that there was going to be a spin-off of Big Mouth called "Human Resources". Did anyone else know that?

Big Mouth on Family Guy

  • In "Disney's the Reboot", a Herbert the Pervert requested that Family Guy be more like Big Mouth. The screen showed Chris drawn in the style of Big Mouth characters, asking "Hey, guys? Wanna see this?". Chris then proceeded to unzip his fly before Peter blocked the screen, saying that they can't show that on network television.
  • In "Cat Fight", Chris was told to sign a contract, where he'd vow to give up masturbating and he spoke with his lawyer about it. His lawyer was Maurice Beverly from Big Mouth and he was strongly opposed to this.
  • In "The Movement", Coach Steve was the coach who coached Peter on how to be a coach. Coach Steve used his messed up alphabet, when saying he was going to get sued by the Broken Sideways Comb, Sideways Moon, Sideways Moon (FCC) for saying "Peena" on network TV.
  • In "Baby Stewie", Stewie said that he needed to censor himself because he was on network television and not Big Mouth, which is a joke on how Big Mouth is often considered child pornography for how it constantly exhibits the uncensored genitalia of children.
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