Beth Bethany
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Beth Bethany

Beth Bethany is a friend of Meg's. She is an ugly, unpopular girl who is always being bullied and abused. Naturally, she fit right in as a friend of Meg's. She was usually seen as a fifth member of the ugly girl friend circle, along with Patty, Ruth, and Esther, before she was eventually written off the show. She is voiced by Lisa Wilhoit.


In "Blind Ambition", she witnessed Quagmire saving a female department store shopper's life, via CPR.

In "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", she went to Meg's sleepover and Chris secretly jacked off to her.

In "Peter's Two Dads", Beth was one of the ugly freaks who went to Meg's birthday party.

In "Peter's Daughter", she attended Meg's bridal shower and later her wedding to Michael Milano.

Episode Appearances

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