Bernice was the temporary abusive girlfriend of Cleveland Brown, following his divorce with Loretta and preceding his marriage to Donna Tubbs-Brown. She first appeared in "Mad Mex", and made her final appearance in "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing", when Cleveland finally dumped her.


In "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air", Bernice became friends with Lois and Bonnie and the trio of friends went to The Drunken Clam to party, much to the dismay of The Beer Bar Buddies. Cleveland told her that they haven't been dating long enough for her to be hanging out his his friends' wives and Bernice yelled at him to shut up, which Cleveland quietly accepted. Bernice and the girls danced to the song Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, as per Bernice's request. The girls sat down at the bar and Bernice said that the song they had just danced to was "Jivin'".

Bernice later sits in The Griffin House with Lois, Bonnie, Muriel, and a little girl in bondage named Susie Lou, who was apparently the wife of Herbert the Pervert. Bernice retold the story of a time she abused Cleveland and later commented on how fucked up Susie Lou's life was. When the girls heard the obnoxious noises of their husbands partying, Bernice suggested they should crash their party. When Lois said they should remind their husbands that they have wives, Bernice added "and abusive girlfriends", to include herself. Muriel made a comment about overpriced bar drinks and Bernice sarcastically asked, "Who invited Anne Frank?".

The girls went in to invade the guys' party and although Peter refused to let them in at first, Quagmire, Joe, and all the other men there allowed them in because as a club with no women, it was a total "mast fest", to quote Seamus. Bernice said that they should start dancing but Bonnie told her, "Alright, but no more Gloria Gaynor.", implying that Bernice listens to that same stupid song all the time. At the party, Bernice was seen dancing with Cleveland.

Episode Appearances


  • "Shut up, Cleveland!"
  • "Hell yeah!"
  • "Let's listen to mah girl, Gloria Gaynor!"
  • "That was jivin'!"
  • "And so I slapped that bitch in the face!"
  • "Daaaamn, that white girl is one fucked up son of a bitch."
  • "We should crash that party!"
  • "And abusive girlfriends."
  • "Man, who invited Anne Frank?"
  • "Well, we can fix that! Come on, girls. Let's dance!"
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