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Bender Bending Rodriquez is a character from Futurama. He is voiced by John DiMaggio, and an alcoholic, suicidal, robot, with little respect for others, and who tells people to bite his shiny metal ass, if they ever cross him. He has made a few cameos in Family Guy.


In "Blue Harvest", he was in the background, with Zoidberg in the Star Wars bar scene.

In "The Splendid Source", The Beer Bar Buddies tracked down the origin of the dirtiest joke on the world. One of the people who heard the joke was Bender from Futurama. Tom heard it from Bender and Bender heard it from Al Harrington.

In "Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee", Peter used his remote control to turn Stewie into Bender.

In "You Can't Handle the Booth!", Peter got his head stuck in the banister and wondered if Bender could help bend the bars and set him free. Bender was shown sitting on the couch, where he just told him to "Bite his shiny metal ass." In the commentary, Stewie and Chris said that it cost a lot of money to hire Bender just for that one scene, and that it wasn't really worth it in the long run.

In "New Phone, Who Dis?", the same thing that happened in "You Can't Handle the Booth!" happened again, minus the commentary.

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