Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman) is a famous superhero from the DC universe. Batman has been referenced to and joked about multiple times in the series, mostly via jokes that spawn from Mayor Adam West, (voiced by the real Adam West (AKA Batman's original actor)).


In "Do and Die", Mayor Adam West made his debut in disguise as Batman, before taking his mask off and revealing himself for who he really was. Mayor West said that as the mayor, he was going to be a hero, who would wipe the crime off of the streets of Quahog.

In "A Hero Sits Next Door" Peter plays strip poker with the superheroes of the Hall of Justice. One of them is Batman.

In "Brian in Love", Peter and Lois pretend to be Batman and Catwoman, respectively.

In "Missionary Impossible", Peter watches the 1960's Batman TV show, while preparing for sex with Lois.

In "Blind Ambition", Batman was present at a meeting of The Justice League, led by Superman.

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