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Barbara Griffin is a Basque Shepherd dog living in the Griffin household, and Brian's mate in the Brian and Barbara series of Family Guy fanfics.



Barbara was born in a junkyard. Her mother was abandoned by her previous owners when they found out that she was pregnant. She was third in a litter of three. The mother did all she could to raise all three, but Laura and Nora, Barbara's two older sisters, both died of malnourishment. The mother was killed when she got hit by a truck while looking for food for Barbara.

Barbara did all she could to survive on her own since her mother's death. One day, James Woods picked her up and took her to an illegal dog-fighting organization. She spent her time locked in a wooden crate with about twenty other dogs, including New Brian (who was recently resurrected by Stewie's rival half-brother Bertram) and his litter of three daughters (Anna, Bella and Sheridan). Eventually, she became the toughest fighter in the organization.

One day, a younger, tougher, bigger Pit Bull was brought into the ring to challenge her. He bit her in places and did all he could to keep her down. He was declared the victor while Barbara was thrown out into the streets.

Starting a new life with the Griffins

Marrying Brian

The first litter

Brian's fatal accident

Meeting Vinny

Making peace

Saving Brian's life and her second litter with him



The first litter





The second litter






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