• Opie and Peter and Foaud and Chris and Brian and Cleveland and Quagmire and Bob and Fernando Martins and Lexia Martins are connecting in a home through a place in the building to gather And leave the house. Opie drives to a ranch and then he stops at a ranch where Cleveland and Quagmire are waiting and then they stop for it. During a investigation Opie and Cleveland and Quagmire have the Brown Mafia Family and the Quagmire Mafia Families and then they find Jack Ferara with the Ferara Mafia's and then Opie kills the Brown Mafia Family's and the Quagmire Mafia Family's and the Ferara Mafia Family's and then Opie uses a code to the door. During a second investigation Opie has Jack Ferara on the roof and then the Ferara Mafia's arrive and then Opie kills them all and then takes there guns.
  • Opie walks up to the second box and then he swipes the card in and then takes the card out of it and then waits for Jack to call in. During the 3rd investigation Opie has the Russian Mafia's and the Balla's and the Vagos and then kills them and then leaves them on the ground dead and then takes away there weapons. Opie gets a call from Bob Powell and then Opie goes in the building and uses the third box and then swipes it and then leaves the building. Opie has the Bikers and then kills them and leaves them for dead once and for all.
  • During a outgoing call Opie gets a phone call from Bob Powell and then he calls and then Opie stops at a coffee shop for a rest. At the coffee shop Opie buys some coffee from manager Owen Hara and then Owen Hara orders him coffee and then Opie gets some coffee and finishes it and then leaves.


  • Opie as Julian Glover
  • Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Foaud as Seth Rogen
  • Chris Griffin as Seth Green
  • Brian Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Glen Quagmire as Seth MacFarlane
  • Cleveland Brown as Mike Henry
  • Bob Powell as Jason Jones
  • Jack Ferara as Frank Grillo
  • Fernando Martins as Morgan Freeman
  • Lexia Martins as Lorraine Bracco
  • Owen Hara as Frankie Muniz
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