Babs Pewterschmidt
Barbara Pewterschmidt

69 (as of "Welcome Back, Carter")




unnamed father
unnamed mother
Carter Pewterschmidt (husband)
Lois Griffin (youngest daughter)
Carol Pewterschmidt (oldest daughter)
Patrick Pewterschmidt (son)
Mayor Adam West (son-in-law)
Peter Griffin (son-in-law)
Meg Griffin (granddaughter)
Chris Griffin (oldest grandson)
Stewie Griffin (youngest grandson)
Brian Griffin (dog-in-law)
Robin West (granddaughter)

Voiced by

Alex Borstein

Barbara "Babs" Pewterschmidt (née Hebrewberg) is an old lady. She is the wife of Carter and the mother of Carol, Lois, and Patrick. She is also very rich, and although she's not as cruel and hateful as her husband, she is very insensitive to those who are of a lower social class than she is and also has some archaic, racist and bigoted beliefs about certain minority groups.


In "Road to Rhode Island", Stewie was forced against his own will to spend a vacation with his grandma and grandpa in Palm Springs. Babs carried Stewie and Stewie stole her priceless pearl necklace and slipped it into the maid's apron pocket, claiming "That ought to bring me a little mid afternoon entertainment." Later on, when Brian went to pick Stewie up, the maid was shown being arrested, implying that Babs must have noticed her necklace was missing, found it in the maid's pocket, assumed she stole it, got into a deliciously juicy argument with her, and called the cops on her.





  • Carter Pewterschmidt - Babs is the wife of Carter and she loves him. In "Regarding Carter", Babs revealed that she pretended to be rich in order to get Carter to love her and upon marrying him, that lie became a truth as she inherited all of his money, turning her into the rich woman she claimed to be. This isn't the only thing that Babs lied about to get into Carter's pants. In "Family Goy", it turned out that her family was actually Jewish and that her maiden name was "Hebrewberg". Carter was strictly antisemitic, so this would have been a huge problem for him. Ever since marrying Carter, Babs has been infinitely grateful for his love as him being a wealthy aristocrat means that she gets to live in his wonderful mansion and be served hand and foot by all of the maids and butlers. She also doesn't have to do any housework either because of said maids and butlers. No job and no housework, equals a happy lifestyle for Babs. Babs doesn't just care about the money, however as she loves Carter for who he is. Babs was truly hurt when Carter cheated on her in "Welcome Back, Carter" and almost remarried someone else. Babs said that if they took things very slowly, they could get back together again, which is exactly what they did. In "Carter and Tricia", however, Carter cheated on Babs again with Tricia Takanawa, which drove her to madness and got her locked up in an insane asylum. Babs is too forgiving of her husband as she was perfectly okay with him cheating on her twice and is still with him today.
  • Lois Griffin - Babs is the mother of Lois and she loves her very much. She is not as unhappy with her marrying Peter as Carter is and really doesn't mind too much her son-in-law's tomfuckery. She does, however, enjoy pulling an occasional prank on him. Babs is not 100% honest with her daughter though as she keeps many secrets from her, such as her family actually being Jewish, as seen in "Family Goy", and more notably, her having a long-lost brother who was locked up in an insane asylum, as seen in "The Fat Guy Strangler". Later in the same episode, it was revealed that she was still hiding more secrets from her as Lois has a feral twin sister, who's been locked up in a cage in the basement.

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