Ashleigh is the bait-and-switch girlfriend of Chris Griffin.


In "The Boys in the Band", Chris has an overly long cutaway gag about his old job as "The guy racing to the airport at the end of a romantic comedy". In it, Chris rushes through New York, to catch his girlfriend, Ashleigh, before she leaves for Stuffy New England College. Just in time, he stops a beautiful teenage girl his age, when she is seconds from boarding the plane. The audience is naturally led to believe that this is Ashleigh, however, this teenage girl turned out to be the granddaughter of a rotten old woman named Ashleigh, who was the real objects of Chris' pursuit, and the girl was named "Brenda". Chris and Ashleigh disgustingly make out, much to the disgust of everyone around them.


  • She is an 80 year old woman, and she's going to college. This means she might be a bit of an idiot.
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