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Are You There God? It's Me, Peter is an episode of Family Guy.


Peter meets God after falling into a coma.


When Peter spends a weekend on the couch enjoying a free premium channel binge, he becomes permanently stuck to it. When he refuses the treatment of ripping it off of his back very fast, Lois tries to take matters into her own hands by cutting him lose herself with the aid of the kids while he sleeps in their bed. Peter awakens and tries to take himself and the couch downstairs with Chris' help, but ends up being shoved through the door and down the stairs and ends up in a coma.

He finds himself stuck in an elevator with God. As he tries to pass the time making small talk about life and celebrities, he complains that the elevator is taking a long time to move. God reveals that the elevator is actually awaiting his own decision to send Peter to Heaven or Hell. After he points out that Peter has been a lousy husband and father and opinions that the family might be better off without him, he begs for another chance, to which God agrees to give him an extra day. However, a dinner out results in disaster with Peter blowing his top at the family. On the way home he sees images of God everywhere and realizes he blew it. After getting the family safely home, he is joined by God and surrenders, declaring that God was right and his family is better off without him. Peter's contriteness and subservience in an imaginary being is all God wanted and allows him to return him to his family until his expected death four years in the future.


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  • Peter's parting words to Stewie would indicate that he is aware of his effeminate tendencies.

Cultural References

  • The title is based on the young adult book Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.
  • The Oliver Platt video Dazed and Couch-fused is a pun on the film Dazed and Confused.
  • When the aliens control Peter and Eric Trump, they have plumbobs from the video game series The Sims above their heads.
  • God can name every cast member ever appearing on Saturday Night Live but can't name the five guys appearing on The Kids in the Hall.
  • The music in Peter's Russian language album is "Tequila" by The Champs.


  • Peter and Chris attempting to get the couch though the door is largely a replay of 'moving the couch' from "Blue Harvest".

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