Another Widow Opens is an episode of Family Guy.


While mourning the loss of Mayor Adam West, Carol considers remarrying (for the thirteenth time). Meanwhile, Adam West High School undergoes a few more changes than just being renamed.


Following the unfortunate death of her husband Adam, Carol believes it's time to remarry. However, she fears that she'll never find someone to replace Adam. It's really sad because after marrying and dumping all of those duds in the past, the one time she finally finds someone she wants to settle on, he dies and she has to remarry again!

Carol learns that it took her 12 marriages to find the man who was actually right for her. Not wanting to deal with all the struggle again, Carol ends up in a polygamous marriage with 12 other men, assuming that at least one of the husbands is bound to stick with her. So, Carol and her 12 new husbands live happily ever after.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "When one door closes, another window opens".


  • The impact of Adam West's death in "Adam West High" is continued.
  • The former "James Woods Regional High School" is still named Adam West High School, following it's renaming in the previous episode, "Adam West High".
  • Buddy Cianci Junior High School is also renamed "Carrie Fisher Middle School", to honor the late Carrie Fisher, voice actor of Angela.
  • Carol gets married for the thirteenth-twenty fourth time in this episode, entering a polygamous marriage with a total of 12 other men. This doubles the number of husbands she's had.
  • After a long absence Hennessey O'Callaghan returns to the series, to serve the role of one Carol's new husbands.
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