Anna Lee
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Anna Lee Garrison Quagmire

Anna Lee "Anal" Quagmire is the daughter of Glenn Quagmire and a random woman he impregnated. Anna Lee only appeared in the episode "Quagmire's Baby".


During Quagmire's garage sale, Peter stumbles upon Anna Lee's basket and its been brought to Glenn Quagmire's attention. Quagmire takes her in, but is rather unaccustomed with the responsibilities of caring for a infant. The two weeks of having Anna Lee greatly impedes on her father's sex life, prompting Quagmire to give her up for adoption, to which he soon regrets. Quagmire, Peter, and Joe observe Anna Lee's new residence of with her adoptive family, being truly happy. Anna Lee no longer goes under the "Quagmire" last name anymore. She now goes under the surname Garrison.


  • Like her father, Anna Lee says "Giggity".
  • Anna Lee holds the distinction of being the first child of Glenn Quagmire, as well as being nurtured by him.
  • Despite living with her Glenn, whom bought a crib baby items, she's never seen in any attire aside from the diaper she wears.
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