And Than There Was Murder is an Movie That Was Based On Clue.It Has 4 Endings.1 Random Ending Is Selected.


  • Brain
  • Stewie
  • Chris
  • Meg
  • Peter
  • Lois
  • Professor Plum
  • Mme. Rose
  • Glenn
  • Cartman
  • DR. Boody


Everyone Went To Boody Estate Where They Meet Dr. Black.10 Mins Later Dr. Black Was Shot.Later The Lights Were Back Off.2 Secs Later The Lights Were Back On And Meg Was Struck At Head With Globe.After 10 Hours Of Looking For Clues The Killer Says He/She Did For What Reson.


  • Professor Plum Said He Did It Because Of Fear.
  • Cartman Said He Did It Because Of Hate.
  • Gleen Said He Did It To Frame Brain Griffin.
  • Mme. Rose's Secrect Was Revaled By Brain Griffin.She Did Because She Was Forced To.
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