American Dad Theme Song (Family Guy)
The American Dad Theme Song, also known as Good Morning USA, is the theme song of Family Guy's sister show, American Dad!. It was sung by Joe Swanson in "Foreign Affairs". The song was reprised by Meg Griffin in the credits of "The Movement", who put her own spin on the lyrics.


Foreign Affairs

Joe: Good morning, USA!
I gotta feeling that it's gunna be a wonderful day!
The sun in the sky has a smile on his face
And he's shining a salute to the American race!
Oh, boy, it's swell to say
Good morning, USA!
Choir: Good morning, USA!!!

The Movement

Meg: Good morning, USA!
Ba da ba da ba Stan's the dad and the alien's gay!
And then there's a fish and a boy and a girl!
And recently it's me who's joined this wonderful world!
I love this show, hooray!
Good morning USA!

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