Adam West High School
Adam West High School (formerly James Woods Regional High School) is the school, where Meg Griffin, and later Chris Griffin go to. It is run by Principal Shepherd.


James Woods Regional High School first appeared in "I Never Met the Dead Man", when Meg was publicly shamed in class for allegedly ruining TV. She refrained from telling people that the true culprit was her father, earning her a crumpled up paper ball pelting from her fellow students and her teachers, alike.

In "Mind the Baby Gap", Kevin Swanson began attending the school, shortly after his family's move-in in the previous episode. He went to the same class as Meg, so of course, she was crushing on him hard.

In "Love Thy Trophy", Meg was bullied at school for not having the new Prada bag.

In "Let's Go to the Hop", the first of many school dances happened when Peter started attending the school in disguise as a fat teenager named Lando Griffin, who wanted to make Meg popular. However, Lando got caught up in the popularity and became Connie's boyfriend and danced with her.




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