A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Series of Unfortunate Events is an American black comedy-drama web television series from Netflix, developed by Mark Hudis and Barry Sonnenfeld, based on Lemony Snicket’s children's novel series of the same name. It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, K. Todd Freeman, and Presley Smith.

A Series of Unfortunate Events References in Family Guy

  • In "GriffinTube", Count Olaf appears and offers to help The Griffin Family get Meg back, as she gets transferred from foster home to foster home.
  • In "Bri, Robot", Quagmire entertains the guys with a sex story. In this story, Quagmire says he got drunk, knocked up a woman, married her, and impregnated her with triplets, who neither of them wanted to take care of. The couple split up but the woman kept his last name and the triplets were put up for adoption. A cutaway reveals that these triplets were Duncan and Isadora Quagmire from A Series of Unfortunate Events".
  • In "Disney's the Reboot", Family Guy is rebooted to be more like A Series of Unfortunate Events. In the parody, Peter plays Count Olaf, Meg plays Violet, Chris plays Klaus, Stewie plays Sunny, and Joe plays Lemony Snickett. Peter tells the kids that they'll be living with him forever and then Joe rolls up on screen telling the audience that the following series is going to be terrible and instructs people not to watch the show, which gets the audience to actually stop watching the show.
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