A Play on Turds is an episode of Family Guy.


Chris gets the role of Romeo in the school play, just so he can kiss the hot girl, playing Juliet. However, the hot girl ends up becoming the understudy of an ugly girl, so Chris has to help sabotage the ugly girl's role, so he can kiss the hot girl. Meanwhile, Lois potty trains Stewie.



Meanwhile, Stewie saw a boy his age peeing on an anthill. Out of Stewie’s interest he joins in when he was asked. Lois saw Stewie and quickly puts his diaper back on Only for him to shove it on her face. Because of the public taunting, Lois decided it was time to potty train Stewie. At home Lois had Stewie sat on the training potty while watching a potty training video. After Lois left after setting it up, Vinny treases Stewie making him self concious. Meg questions Lois and then told him the facts that Stewie isn’t ready yet. At night, Stewie had a terrifying nightmare about toilets, he then wakes up to find himself in a drenched bed. Lois came in and was horrified, she then takes Stewie to the toilet but Stewie squirms and ran away from her ending up having an accident on the floor. Meg tells her the conciquences all this which made her realize what she had done. Admiting defeat, Lois decided to put Stewie back in diapers and hoped he’ll be ready, then it cuts to years later as a high school teen and still not potty trained.


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  • The title of this episode is a pun on "A Play on Words", which in itself, is a play on words.
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