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A House Full of Peters is an episode of Family Guy.


Lois learns that Peter used to be a sperm donor and Peter signs a consent form to get in contact with all of his sperm donation kids.




Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • Larry shares the name of an early prototype of Peter animated by Seth MacFarlane.
  • Following a television gag earlier in the episode, Brian gives Meg a fruit bouquet for her birthday.

Cultural References

  • Stewie asks the German Peter offspring "What are those?!" while pointing at his shoes, a reference to the What are those meme.


  • The events of "Sibling Rivalry", where Peter filled and entire room of jars with his own semen are continued. It's revealed that Bertram was not the only product of his semen, but naturally, there were a lot more that came from that instance. At this point, Peter and the workers at the Sperm Bank had learned what happened, after numerous people had already taken his donations, and out of shame, Peter kept it a secret from Lois. The story of this episode, clarifies all the questions, that have been raised by this here, phenomenon.
  • In "Spies Reminiscent of Us", Meg was revealed to be a Russian KGB sleeper agent. In this episode, Meg was targeted by a Russian KGB sleeper agent look-alike, who killed her and stole her place.
  • The background music in the fruit bouquet commercial is the same music used in the Ball in a Cup commercial from "The Fat Guy Strangler".
  • Peter farts with his kids in a callback to the episode, "The Perfect Castaway", where he got into a fart contest with Michael Moore.



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