Paint Play
A Fly Who's Seen it All is a song sung by the Conspiracy Fly in the episode "Coma Guy".



Painting the walls
Means happy times for everyone,
And now we're play fighting with paint,
To show we're having fun.
But then the music slows down,
Cuz shuttle blew up, there was sadness all around,
But then we picked up the pieces and started painting again.
And who am I? I'm a fly on the wall.
A fly who's seen it all.


Painting the walls
To get through a tough incident.
When shuttles blow up, it's not always an accident.
And who am I? A conspiracy fly.
Did you know NASA means "deceive" in Hebrew?
The Denver Airport was built by the Illuminati.
Family Guy predicted COVID-19
In Season 13, Episode 18.
I do. It's "Fly on the".
First, reconfigure your DNS server,
Then download a VPN and get the Tor browser-


  • The fly breaks the fourth wall to say that Family Guy predicted the COVID-19 Outbreak in "Season 13, Episode 18". ("Hot Shots") In this episode, Peter gets measles from a bat, which ultimately leads to a measles outbreak that forces everyone in Quahog into quarantine. This episode aired on January 4th, 2015, over half a decade before the corona virus even began.
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