A.N.N.A. Rules
A.N.N.A. Rules is a song sung by Peter Griffin and a bunch of other people in "The King is Dead".


Quagmire/Cleveland/Joe/Bonnie: A.N.N.A. rules!
Peter: 'Cause I kick all the bad guys in their jewels!
Quagmire/Cleveland/Joe/Bonnie: A.N.N.A. won!
Peter: Thanks to my gamma ray atomic gun.
Bikini Girls: Dance and shout.
He's the world's greatest ninja there's no doubt.
Peter: Though they try to defeat me,
They can all just freakin' eat me
Brian: 'Cause he blew all of us away.
All: On the planet of Siam
There's no one as tough as I am,
Just as surely as Paul Lynde was gay!
Quagmire/Cleveland/Joe/Bonnie: A.N.N.A. rules!
Peter: 'Cuz I played all those guys for freakin' fools.
Quagmire/Cleveland/Joe/Bonnie: Those guys suck!
Loretta: And when it comes to his supporting cast, A.N.N.A. just don't give a-
Chris (Speaking): Off the stage. You're not in this scene.
Bikini Girls: The king is dead!
But he's not the only stinky poopyhead.
Peter: Yes, there's someone even dorkier
And I admit, I'm porking her
All: My stupid, worthless, nagging, rotten, wife.
Peter: Now, my wife, I'll never murder.
Stewie: Oh, come on! At least just hurt her.
Just end that wretched female pillock's life!
All: It's Lois, my stupid freakin' wife.
It's Lois my stupid freakin' wife!

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