1950's Peter
1950's Peter
1950's Peter
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1950's Peter Griffin




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1950's Peter is the 1950's version of Peter Griffin. He appeared in "Family Guy Through the Years".


In the 1950's section of "Family Guy Through the Years", Peter wanted to buy a television for his family, but because he had just recently spent all of his savings on a nuclear bunker, he could not afford that. Brian convinced him to rent a TV for free, lie, saying it doesn't work, and return it, which he did. Meanwhile, Lois went and got a job at a nuclear testing site, without Peter's permission. Peter was furious, when he found out Lois had done it, but became happy again, when she used her money from the job to buy him a TV. Unfortunately, this was a TNT-TV, made by that nuclear factory. The TV blew up in a nuclear explosion and Peter threatened to send Lois, going bang, pow, zip, right to the moon, one of those days.


1950's Peter looks exactly like Peter Griffin, only he has a slickly combed hairdo, and usually wears a suit and tie. His overly-ironed underwear is as stiff as a plank.


1950's Peter is your everyday, friendly neighborhood 1950's working man. He is focused on working his job, breadwinning, and providing money for the family and his woman back at home. On the surface, he seems to be a generally nice guy, but he is rather misogynistic and racist. Granted, this is justified by the time he's living in. He is also pretty quick to anger, and makes acts of violence upon women, who get on his bad side, including his own wife and "the help".


  • He is actually much smarter and more competent than the regular Peter Griffin. Likewise, 1950's Lois seems to be the dumb one in their relationship.
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